While Statement in Java

The simplest of all the looping structures in java is the while statement.The basic format of the while statement is:-


while(test condition)


       body of the loop


      The while loop is an entry -controlled loop statement.The test condition is evaluated and if the condition is true ,then the body of the loop is executed.After execution of the body,the test condition is once again evaluated an if it is true,the body is executed once again.This process of execution of the body of the body continues until the test condition becomes false and the control is transferred out of the loop.On exit,the program continues with the statement immediately after the body of the loop. The body of the loop may have one more statements.

Consider the following example:-













The body of the loop is executed 10 times for n=1,2,3…..,10 each time adding the square of the value of n,which is incremented inside the loop.The test condition may also be written as n<11;the result would be the same.

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