Difference Between Applets And Application

Although both the applets and stand alone application are java programs,there are significance differences between them.Applets are not full-featured application programs.they are usually written to accomplish a small task or a component of a task.Since they are usually designed for use on the Internet,they impose certain limitations and restriction in their design.


  • Applets do not use the main() method for initiating the execution of the code.Applets when loaded,automatically call certain methods of applet class to start  and execute the applet code.
  • unlike stand alone applications,applets cannot be run independently.They are run from inside a web page using a special feature known as HTML tag.
  •  Applets cannot read from or write to the files in type local computer.
  • Applets cannot communicates with other servers on the network.
  • Applets cannot cannot run any program from the local computer.
  • Applets are restricted from using libraries from other languages such as C or C++

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